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Everything to give your home  a unique touch that stands apart from the crowd.
Decorate in your favourite Decopatch paper from our Full collection of Decopatch papers.
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AC213 Star tray
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Decopatch star tray . great for putting small items in . can also be used as a table decoration. size 15.5x15x3cm
AC217 Baroque style tray
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Decopatch baroque style tray. great for a shelf or table decoration. size 19x19x3cm
AC236  leaf Tray
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Decopatch leaf style tray .Great for a shelf or a table decoration. size 18.5x30x3cm
AC237 Bowl
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Decopatch bowl . Great for a shelf or table decoration. size 21.5x7cm
ac246  eiffel tower
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small Eiffel tower . Bring a little bit of France into your home. size 12.5x7.5cm
AC303 teddy bear frame
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Teddy bear hanging frame great for a child's room or nursery the hook at the back . size 18x22cm.
AC325 Medium rectangular tray
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Decopatch med modern rectangular tray . pop on a shelf or use for a table decoration. size 11x26x3cm 8x22cm.
AC326 Small rectangular tray
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Decopatch small rectangular tray . pop o a shelf or a table decoration size 12x10.27cm
AC328 Baroque style tray new design
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Decopatch baroque style tray . size 30x15x1.5cm
ac332/2 Medium size birdhose
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Decopatch medium size bird house . Decopatch in your favorite paper. size 12x11.5cm
AC354 Pack of 10 hearts
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Decopatch pack of 10 hearts on strings. You receive 10 hearts in a pack / size 4 cm, each
AC521 Torso on a base
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Torso on a base. great for displaying your jewellery on your bedroom dresser or a shelf. size 7x10x34cm
AC657 Large tissue box
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Decopatch large tissue box. Size 9x25x14cm
AC686 Heart on string
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Decopatch heart on string. great for a home decoration or for a gift to someone you love. size 8x4cm .
AC688 Heart candle holder shape
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Decopatch heart candle holder shape. This can be used for a candle holder decoration but not for a lit candle as it is made from paper machi size 8.5x2cm
AC689 Brush pot
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Decopatch brush pot great for putting you brushes or pens in ,
AP115 Jewellery holder tree Select your size
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Decopatch jewellery holder tree .great for hanging your jewellery from . Please select your size of tree from the option box, Sizes are Extra small tree 13.5x10cm Small tree 5.5x20.5x14cm
cd013 album frame with ribbon
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decopatch album frame with ribbon , size 1x16x16cm
CD014 Decopatch festoon frame
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Decopatch fesstoon frame size 1x20x25cm
cd015 large fesstoon frame
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Decopatch large fesstoon frame with hook to hang on the wall size 1x25x31cm
CD103 Decopatch hanging frame star middle
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Decopatch small hanging frame 3 frames linked together by string . Made by Decopatch out of paper mache . size 8x29cm 5.5cm Decopatch in your favorite Decopatch paper .
CD104   Decopatch mini frame star  middle
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Decopatch mini frame . Made by Decopatch out of paper mache . size 8x8cm 5.5x5cm.Decopatch in your favorite Decopatch paper.
HD001 Flower Bowl
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Decopatch bowl flower shape to pop on a dresser. Decopatch it in your choice of Decopatch paper .
Hd004 medium  bowl
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Decopatch medium bowl please this is the medium , bowl on the right hand side of the image , . size 12cm x 11.5cm. Please not you receive one Bowl not the 3 shown in the image.
Key cabinet
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Wooden key cabinet , not made by Decopatch but is of good quality. Size 20x2x17cm
Mini birdhouses.
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A set of 6 mini birdhouses. sizes. height 7cm these are made of pulp board Not made by decopatch but great to Decopatch
Welcome words
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Decopatch word welcome 6 individual letters spelling the word welcome .
Wooden door sign plaque
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Wooden door sign plaque, size 21.5x14x15cm