Decopatch Glues Varnish brushes and Guesso

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Decopatch Glue varnish and Brushes,
The Decopatch range of Paper patch glue varnish and brushes.
The Decopatch glue is called paper patch and it is a special formula that works with the Decopatch paper it dyes to leave your objects look like have been painted on with a shine to it.
It is very safe for children to use and carry a certificate for this purpose. The Decopatch glue comes in 4 sizes.
70 gram 180 gram 300 gram and 600 gram And also a glitter glue 150 gram .
The Decopatch varnish comes in a choice of Satin this gives your products a nice shine and also protects them. Ultra gloss varnish makes your products look super glossy. The Matt varnish has no shine to it and it gives your products a distressed look.