How To Decopatch

Decopatching is so much fun for the young and not so young .
Any one can do it. From the ages of 7 years upwards. Children under this age we recommenced supervision. The Decopatch glue has been certified safe for children but we all know what little fingers and glue can do!
Cut or rip the paper into small bits about the size of a postage stamp.
Put a small amount of Decopatch glue on the part of the object you wish to start decopatching then with the brush pick up the paper you have just torn and put it on the part you have just put the glue on. Put another small amount of glue over the top of the paper as this helps seal the paper.
Repeat until the whole of the object is covered.
When dry you can varnish the object if you wish, this enables you to wipe clean the object or piece of furniture you have decorated. Any questions email, whatsapp, or call us.