What is Decopatch?

Decopatch or Decoupage. Some call it Decoupatch.
So what is Decopatch? Some people think the word is spelt incorrectly but it is not. Decopatch is a brand name and paper  product made in France.

Decopatch is the most popular brand of decoupage products the products they provide are of the highest quality. 

Decopatch is an fun activity for children and adults alike from ages 5 to 105. The end result will be a unique piece of craft work that you have created. Decopatch involves using special decorative paper (We have the whole collection at decopatch me) that is made in France and glue called paper patch to cover an item of your choice, from animal shapes , to furniture.or creating something unique for your home, this may be a child's nursery ,or a sign saying home. You can Decopatch  on many surfaces - card, wood, paper maché, plastic, glass and metal.in fact anything that does not move. The results are super. Warning you will soon become addicted. you will soon be looking for anything and everything to decopatch. Decopatch is the best craft to do on your own or with friends. We even sell it to schools and groups like the guides and brownies, it makes an great party activity. It is easy to do and can be done by all people of all ages and abilities. You do not need to be great at craft projects it really is so easy.  It is also very therapeutic and has helped people to give up smoking. (Great choice there ) relax after a day at work, or simply to keep the children happy and contented.
Any questions we love talking to our customers, just simply contact us we are always around if you do not get an answer on the phone we may be doing a project so email or text us we will reply to you in no less then a few hours.